Is Daddy OK?

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"That's a very good question, Jenny," said Dr. Green. "Hepatitis C isn't a germ, but it is a very small thing called a virus."

Jenny: "What's a virus?"

Picture: Liver being attacked by a Hep C cell"Here," said Dr. Green, "look at this picture. Viruses are the smallest form of life, much too small to see with our eyes. They can't exist alone, so they have to attach themselves to other kinds of cells, like the ones in people.

"Hepatitis C is a virus that attaches itself to liver cells. After the virus attaches itself to a cell, that cell will eventually die. It is the death of these cells that we experience as Hepatitis C."

Jenny: "So Daddy has these viruses in his liver?"

Dr. Green: "That's right. I'm glad you understand. Now, do you know what the liver does?"