Is Daddy OK?

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Dr. Green said "Well, I'm sure Luke didn't mean to scare you, but he is very confused about Hepatitis C. For one thing, it isn't very likely that you will catch Hepatitis C from your daddy. We'll test you and Luke for the disease, but almost all the kids we test for Hepatitis C are perfectly healthy."

Picture: Dr. Green tells Jenny about Hepatitis CJenny: "That's good. We can't catch it from sneezing?"

Dr. Green: "Hepatitis C can be pretty mysterious. We don't quite know all the ways people can catch it. But again, the chances are pretty slim. One important thing is to avoid contact with the blood of an infected person. For example, sharing toothbrushes can be dangerous because some people's gums bleed a little when they brush. But, of course, you should never use anyone else's toothbrush for any reason."

Jenny: "Yes, we learned about that in school. Sharing toothbrushes or cups can spread bad germs." Jenny thought for a minute. "Is Hepatitis C a kind of germ?"