Is Daddy OK?


That night at dinner, Luke asked Daddy when he was getting a new liver.

Picture: Jenny, Daddy and Luke having dinnerIt was Jenny who spoke up. "Daddy doesn't need a new liver," she said. "He needs to go see the doctor sometimes, and they can help him feel better."

Luke: "There's still no cure. And we're all going to catch it."

Jenny: "Dr. Green said that almost all the kids who live with someone with Hepatitis C are perfectly healthy. And as long as Daddy takes care of his liver, he should be okay for a long time."

Luke looked surprised. "Where did you learn all that?" he asked.

"I went with Daddy to see Dr. Green at the hospital," Jenny answered. "She taught me all about Hepatitis C. It's a virus that attaches itself to cells in people's livers."

"Wow," said Daddy. "I bet you'll be a great doctor when you grow up, Jenny. And thank you for being so interested in Hepatitis C."

Jenny left her seat to give Daddy a great big hug. "You're welcome, Daddy," she said. "You know, Hepatitis C isn't so scary after all."

The End